Estate sale commission rates vary based on contents, set up time and total value.
The more its worth, The lesser the rate.
The more the stuff there is, The more the rate goes up.
100-200 items totalling a value of $10k = 25-35% comm.
500-1000 items (lots more work) Totally $10k = 35-50%
500 items = $3k = 50-75% ( if excepted)

We can and are the only company that guarantees a minimum dollar amount , Even if
it is not sold.
New Jersey Auctions Corp.
Phone: 908-285-7844
The fee charged to the seller for providing services, usually a percentage of
the gross selling price of the property established by contract (the listing
agreement) prior to the sale.
NO up front costs to you!
The consultation is FREE!

You do not have to do all the work, there is a solution.
One call takes care of it all!
Providing cleanup service to leave rooms broom swept clean and ready to sell.